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EdCast's Award-winning Year

EdCast Awards

EdCast’s Award-winning Year

2017 has been a year of overcoming significant challenges and reaching new heights for EdCast. There have been new, exciting developments with the EdCast Learning Experience Platform (LXP), many visionary clients added, GuideMe changing the landscape of in-app training tools, and a host of awards that which have humbled us. Here is a sample of the awards that EdCast were recognized with this year:
Talented Learning Award_Learning Tech Innovation 2017EdCast was named the #1 Learning Tech Innovator of 2017 by Talented Learning. “They’re changing the way the industry thinks about learning technology and best practices,” states John Leh, CEO and Chief Analyst at Talented Learning. Read the full article here.
Comparably ranked all of the top CEO in the USA and EdCast’s Founder and CEO, Karl Mehta, made the list for Small- and Mid-sized companies. “The executives included in Comparably’s annual Best CEOs list ranked among the highest rated leaders across thousands of CEOs. Karl Mehta’s inclusion on the list reflects EdCast’s place among the great teams and company cultures these leaders try to foster,” says Jason Nazar, CEO of Read more in USA Today.
Talented Learning Award_Thought Leader_HonorableEdCast was given the 1st Honorable Mention on the LMS Thought Leaders list by Talented Learning. “With more than 700 LMS vendors vying for business today, the learning technology echo chamber can be deafening. But some vendor voices consistently rise above the expected in ways that deserve a buyer’s attention. We think those vendors deserve our attention, as well,” states John Leh, CEO and Chief Analyst at Talented Learning. Read the full article here.
Training Industry top 20Training Industry announces EdCast as a 2017 Top 20 Online Learning Library Company in 2017. “This list was created to aid organizations in identifying the best resources for high quality, on-demand learning content and solutions. The organizations that qualified for this list show tremendous diversity in their course offerings while also providing innovative features and analytics that meet the need of modern learning and development,” said Ken Taylor, president of Training Industry, Inc.
Gold Brandon HallEdCast won a Gold Award for excellence in the Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program category from the Brandon Hall Group. “Excellence Award winners symbolize the power and impact that Human Capital Management practices can have on a business or on any organization,” said Rachel Cooke, Chief Operating Officer of Brandon Hall Group and head of the awards program. “Many organizations can have great HCM initiatives, but the standard of excellence only applies for organizations whose HCM practices truly benefit the business. That’s what the Excellence Awards program stands for.”

CIO Review named EdCast as one of the Most Promising Digital Transformation Solution Providers in 2017. The article that appeared in the December 2017 edition states, “The solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning that helps businesses increase productivity with personalized learning experiences and contextual insights.”
Just a sample of the awards and accolades we received this year are listed here. We are truly honored by the acceptance EdCast has received in the marketplace and from industry analysts. We are blazing new trails with AI-driven knowledge tools to improve personalization and solve the content discovery problem, so organizations can get more out of their training efforts.
Thanks to the hard work of the entire EdCast team, we have come a long way this past year, and we look forward to continuing the journey in 2018 and beyond.

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